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IT Support has never been this convenient

Knowall IT is a passionate company who are always ahead of the ‘game’. Information Systems change so rapidly it’s often difficult for a company to concentrate on their core business and manage their own IT department. Many companies are now choosing to outsource their IT departments to the experts. Thus enabling to focus on their core business and therefore increase productivity in the organisation.

Knowall.net is London's leading outsource IT supplier with over 500 SME businesses trusting their advice, support and resources to keep their technology working efficiently. With their highly trained staff who are dedicated and realise that any ‘down time’ needs to be kept to a minimum.

Speak to Knowall IT London today about their innovative systems to help your company run more efficiently.

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Change your surroundings for the best

Be it commercial or residential architect design; don’t look further than a company with a fantastic track record and business ethic. Renowned throughout London Dblo associates have many years hands on experience. Established in 1998 they have a dedicated team of architects with a strong knowledge base and experience. Having worked on some fabulous projects they are dedicated to enhance value through design.

Dblo architects London believe that the quality of a person’s workplace or surroundings have a direct impact on the quality of their lives. Take a busy family home who love entertaining but don’t have the space to do so. Dblo.co.uk  will analyse your requirements and plan what’s best for you and your surroundings.



IBS are offering a FREE HEALTH CHECK for Vacuum Loaders

Searching for a company that repairs industrial equipment, I came across IBS Blowers- Industrial Blower Services based in the UK, impressively they have recently expanded and opened offices in America; for information about their global expansion view IBS Blowers UK and IBS Blowers USA.

The first thing that caught my eye was the FREE HEALTH CHECK for Vacuum Loaders they offer which is exactly the service our company requires from time to time. I completed the quick and easy form and within no time at all, assistance for the Free Health Check was on offer.

No hidden costs involved or any pressure just a simple straight forward offer from IBS Blowers.com



Plan ahead with a pre paid funeral plan

There is no stopping Lodge Brothers dedicated staff that are passionate about changing the lives of those around them.

There’s no coincidence that they work for lodgebros.co.uk that only employ empathetic, supportive members of staff who want to make a difference. These are compassionate individuals who do amazing things for others, go out of their way to make things a little gentler at time of grief and selflessly give to those in need.

Their generosity often goes unnoticed and today we want to applaud these individuals. Let’s give them the recognition they deserve.

Contact Lodge Brothers Pre Paid Funerals, lodge Brothers funeral plans to find out who these amazing people are and how they can assist you.

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No job is too small for Squibbs of London

No fuss, no bother when it comes to Squibbs of London, they get stuck in and do any jobs around the home with their handyman services London. With our busy working hours and hectic family life we often don’t find time to get things done around the home.

Sometimes it requires us to call in the experts in property maintenance London so they can get the job done.

Contact Squibbs of London for one of their dedicated staff to assist you with any problem around the home.


RUMM Leading experts in energy consumption UK

When looking for a company that takes energy saving seriously, do your research carefully. Ensure you have chosen the right company as they will be responsible for helping your company save hundreds and thousands of pounds each year.

Some tips to when researching, find out how long they have been around for (when they started business), their growth – company vision, expansion in terms of staff, what and who they stand for (their company business ethics) and most importantly their track record. Speak to other customers, ask for case studies.

When researching some UK companies I came across RUMM, experts in energy monitoring and management systems. After checking out their case studies I was suitably impressed by the growth of the company, they have just employed 3 new members of the team.

This goes to show they are growing in leaps and bounds especially in these difficult economic times. People recognise that during these times one of the key ways companies can save money is by reducing their energy consumption.  

Contact RUMM Energy Management UK and RUMM Energy Management Wales for further energy saving information by clicking on rumm.co.uk


Magnificent luxurious holiday accommodation with a private spa

Going on holiday should be a pleasure, it’s your time to relax, unwind and take in the beauty of your surroundings, and you don’t want to be bothered with over bookings and problems once you have reached your destination, spoiling your perfect holiday would be a disaster.

The last thing you need is to get to your holiday accommodation and find it distasteful, not as advertised, sub standards and unclean.

Book your London holiday accommodation with a reputable company who have been tried and tested over the years. Holiday Lets London has the perfect upmarket luxurious and safe accommodation conveniently situated in one of London’s most sought after residential areas – plus the extra luxury of an on-site Health Spa.

For an unforgettable holiday experience contact holidayletslondon.co.uk



Locations de vacances

Une nouvelle tendance d’hébergement alternatif, les locations de vacances, est de plus en plus prisée avec un coût presque 50 % moins élevé que l’hébergement dans un hôtel. Les choix sont variés, des maisons et appartements meublés selon des exigences strictes aux locations de vacances à Londres à bas coût.

Pour les personnes à la recherche de la commodité, du confort et d’appartements réputés, Holiday Lets London (www.holidayletslondon.co.uk) figure assurément parmi les premiers de la liste d’hébergements à Londres.

Bien sûr, il est possible que vous n’ayez pas du tout envie de quitter nos studios … mais des vacances sans découverte ne sont pas des vacances ! Nos appartements ne sont qu’à 10-15 minutes en métro des attractions touristiques, telles que le centre commercial de Kings Mall, idéal pour les courses quotidiennes, manger sur le pouce ou un repas dans un restaurant et une visite à ne pas manquer : le pub londonien traditionnel.

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Dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding?

Have you ever dreamt of a fairyland, Winter Wonderland Wedding, you don’t have to go abroad for a Winter Wonderland Wedding, with Marquee Hire we will make your dreams a reality.

Fairy lights adorn a beautiful white marquee all set in winter captures the perfect fairyland feel. Share this special day with hundreds of guests and dance away into the early morning.

Cherish your special day and capture each moment making memories by having the wedding of your dreams. Chat to marqueehire.co.uk about these and many more affordable options to making your dreams come true.


Don’t let unused space go to waste, maximise it with a loft extension

Is space an issue?  Always stressing when guests are coming to stay, worried about those guests that are coming for the Christmas holidays. Not sure where they are going to sleep because you don’t have an additional room and hate the thought of everyone clambering onto of each other.

Don’t despair chat to South London Refurbishments the experts in maximising space about a loft extension.

SLR are experts in turning unused space into premium space. They have a vision and passion for what they are good at and as many of their clients will vouch they are by far one of the leading experts in refurbishments in London.

Contact them today on southlondonrefurbishments.co.uk


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