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Holiday Lets Londres

Situées dans la Zone 2 de Londres et avec 5 studios, il est difficile de trouver de meilleures locations de vacances à Londres que celles proposées par Holiday Lets London. Entièrement équipés afin d’améliorer votre séjour et de vous aider à profiter pleinement de vos vacances, les studios sont munis de cuisine intégrée, chauffage central, accès Internet et d’un système d’entrée à code clavier, ce qui élimine la remise/collecte de clés.

Bien sûr, il est possible que vous n’ayez pas du tout envie de quitter nos studios … mais des vacances sans découverte ne sont pas des vacances ! Nos appartements ne sont qu’à 10-15 minutes en métro des attractions touristiques, telles que le centre commercial de Kings Mall, idéal pour les courses quotidiennes, manger sur le pouce ou un repas dans un restaurant et une visite à ne pas manquer : le pub londonien traditionnel. Parmi les autres attractions, vous pourrez également vous rendre à Shepherd’s Bush, avec le centre commercial le plus grand d’Europe, le Westfield Mall, et pour ceux qui aiment la nature, n’oubliez pas de visiter Barnes, où se trouve l'exceptionnel Wetlands Centre, abritant une énorme diversité de faune et de flore.

Les location londres vacances n’ont jamais été d’aussi bonne qualité ou aussi simples à organiser. Il vous suffit de vous connecter à notre site Web, www.holidayletslondon.co.uk, et de réserver en ligne pour profiter au mieux de Londres, sans limiter votre confort et ce, dans le plus grand style.


Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing

Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing London. Below are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Increase volume output or productivity with fewer people..
  2. Reduce spending on technology infrastructure.
  3. Globalize your workforce on the cheap.
  4. Streamline processes. Get more work done in less time with less people.
  5. Reduce capital costs. There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees.
  6. Improve accessibility. You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!
  7. Monitor projects more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times
  8. Less personnel training is needed. It takes fewer people to do more work on a cloud, with a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues
  9. Minimize licensing new software. Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.
  10. Improve flexibility. You can change direction without serious “people” or “financial” issues at stake.


Explore Africa and the big 5

Explore the world and visit Africa...

East Africa is the eastern most region of the African continent. Some parts of East Africa have been renowned for their concentrations of wild animals, such as the "big five" of elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and black rhinoceros, though populations have been declining under increased stress in recent times, particularly the rhino and elephant.

East Africa is often stunning and scenic. Shaped by global plate tectonic forces that have created the Great Rift Valley, East Africa is the site of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the two tallest peaks in Africa. It also includes the world's second largest freshwater lake Lake Victoria, and the world's second deepest lake Lake Tanganyika.

Southern Africa is the southern most region of the African continent, variably defined by geography or geopolitics. The terrain of Southern Africa is varied, ranging from forest and grasslands to deserts. The region has both low-lying coastal areas, and mountains.

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Make sure your vacuum loader is in good health

Take advantage of this exclusive offer from IBS and get your vacuum loader checked today with their free healthcheck.

IBS offer this fantastic offer, obligation free service.

IBS Ltd offers you comprehensive solutions for vacuuming wet and dry spillage through the use of our extensive industrial vacuum loaders.  IBS offer an affordable, simple and effective portable air conveying system for cleaning, recycling, collecting waste and split product.

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Innovative design from dblo Associates

Be it commercial or residential architect design; don’t look further than a company with a fantastic track record and business ethic. Renowned throughout London dblo associates have many years experience. Established in 1998 they have a dedicated team of architects with a strong knowledge base and experience. Having worked on some fabulous projects they are dedicated to enhance value through design.


Dblo architects London believe that the quality of a person’s workplace or surroundings have a direct impact on the quality of their lives. Take a busy family home who love entertaining but don’t have the space to do so. Allow them tol analyse your requirements and plan what’s best for you and your surroundings.


Lodge Brothers family owned funeral directors in UK

Lodge Brothers are family owned funeral directors London  throughout the UK. They offer many services including pre paid funerals, memorials, floral tributes, headstones. They pride themselves on quality and above standard memorials.

Give your loved one a lasting memorial, this is an emotional decision and Lodge Brothers will assist taking time and care to ensure that the correct decisions are made with regard to each individual and the memorial they choose.

They comply with the National Association of Memorial Masons Code of Practice. Materials are selected from all over the world and advice is readily given on the suitability of each material for every design.


Relax and enjoy a countryside retreat

Bed and Breakfast Dunsfold is a peaceful cottage set on a farm in glorious countryside in Surrey. Three double bedrooms are offered with wireless internet. A hearty breakfast is served and other home cooked main meals are available. Beautiful surrounds located on a farm about 1 and a half miles from the village of Hurst Hill centre at the back entrance to The Burningfold Estate, near Godalming and Cranleigh and 5 minutes drive from Dunsfold Park.

Enjoy beautiful walks and cycling around the unspoilt area. Secure storage is available for bicycles, near train stations. Sit by the fire and read or relax.

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London accommodation convenient for travellers


Safe, convenient and affordable are some of the things being said about Holiday Lets London Studio Apartments. So affordable in fact that you are able to spend the savings on site seeing or treat yourself to a trip to the beauty therapist. Once you stay in this centrally located accommodation you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Fully furnished with their own cooking facilities allows you far more flexibility and convenience. With your won luxury spa you can let go, totally de-stress and pamper yourself without ever having to leave your new home.

Great value for money, clean and comfortable accommodation central to London allows you to visit all the sights, your favourite restaurants and movies.


Renovations, Loft conversions, kitchen or bathrooms SLR do it all

Does your home need a make-over? Are you putting off the renovating dreading the thought? Well now is the perfect time to do home renovations is in the summer when the weather is great and you can head outdoors while the builders are underway. South London Refurbishments can assist with all your home renovating.

Loft conversions, painting and decorating, insurance claims or a new kitchen or bathroom? Give you home a new look with their professional help. Not only will it enhance your life style, it will also add huge value to your home. Darren and his team have a brilliant reputation and word of mouth has become most of how SLR gets their referrals.

Why not give them a try? Contact South London Refurbishments today, they undertake to do any work in the South of London Builders South London


Scrumptious summer salad recipe

This beautiful summer weather that we are having is great for outdoor living and dining. I found some lovely summer dishes that are easy to prepare and scrumptious all the same.

Cook up nutritious & delicious home cooked meals for the family that are also suitable for a guest party. We tried this recipe over the weekend and decided to share it:

Calamari, Mango and Strawberry Summer Salad Recipe


  • 1 Fresh mango, sliced
  • 1 Lemon
  • 400 gram Calamari rings
  • 180 millilitre KNORR Creamy Ranch Salad Dressing
  • 100 gram Strawberries, halved
  • 200 gram Rocket leaves
  • 15 millilitre Olive oil


  1. In a bowl place calamari and KNORR Creamy Ranch Salad Dressing
  2. Mix well
  3. Allow to stand while making the salad
  4. Rinse rocket leaves, dry and place in a serving dish
  5. Add mango and strawberries to the rocket
  6. On a high heat, heat oil in a griddle pan
  7. Add calamari, fry for 1-2 minutes or until no longer translucent
  8. Add calamari to the salad
  9. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over to taste
  10. Serve immediately