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Cloud computing with Knowall IT

Frustrated with the network always going down especially in the middle of important work that needs to be done, often missing deadlines due to downtime or needing maintenance forcing a shut down which has a detrimental effect on the productivity in the organisation.

Let Knowall IT assist with London Cloud Providers to ensure your organisation has 100% productivity at all times. With an amazing Virtual Data Centre London you will be relieved of the hassle and pressure of running your own IT department. This is a cost effective solution which is the path many organisations are choosing to take. Don’t get left allow Knowall IT to keep your systems up to date with the latest technology.

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Holiday Lets London

Londres … Autrefois, le centre de l’Empire britannique, connu dans le monde entier pour son amour de la culture, de la beauté, de l’industrie et des sites magnifiques. Chaque année, des dizaines de milliers de visiteurs se rendent dans cette capitale rayonnante, qui est particulièrement appréciée par les citoyens des pays européens voisins, tels que la France et la Belgique (selon VisitBritain, le nombre de visiteurs français a augmenté de 2 % en 2012 par rapport à l’année précédente). Toutefois, l’organisation de vacances décourage de nombreux touristes, notamment en raison des prix élevés des hôtels et de  location londres vacances.

Une nouvelle tendance d’hébergement alternatif, les locations de vacances, est de plus en plus prisée avec un coût presque 50 % moins élevé que l’hébergement dans un hôtel. Les choix sont variés, des maisons et appartements meublés selon des exigences strictes aux locations de vacances à Londres à bas coût. Pour les personnes à la recherche de la commodité, du confort et d’appartements réputés, Holiday Lets London (www.holidayletslondon.co.uk) figure assurément parmi les premiers de la liste location vacances à londres


IBS – Experts in Industrial Blower Services

Known for their innovative Industrial Services Equipment and solutions IBS have the latest in Industrial Blower Equipment. IBS are known as the market leaders in the Pneumatic conveying industry.

Industrial Vacuum Systems  are known for their high performance, robust equipment, cost effective and versatility. So versatile they vacuum wet and dry spillage and dust right through.

IBS offer a simple and effective portable air conveying system for cleaning,recycling and collecting waste, contact them by clicking here: Industrial Vacuum Machines



Treat dad for fathers day

What better way to say ‘I love you’ and celebrate father’s day than a treating dad to a trip to London. We have found unique luxurious short term accommodation London which is a real treasure in the heart of London. Close to tube and bus stations makes travelling a breeze. Add tickets for a West End show and the weekend is set to be a spoil. Conveniently close to shopping malls and restaurants and what’s even more special is a luxurious spa for private use.

At affordable rates one can spend a little extra exploring the sites in and around London. Wifi, telephone, large bedroom and self catering make this accommodation ‘home from home’.

Your dad will love being spoilt with this upmarket, exclusive and safe accommodation.


RUMM energy management solutions

In order to increase the efficiency of energy saving programmes many corporate companies are looking to RUMM energy savings corporate solutions to assist them with this complex issue.

RUMM is a company that has caught my attention and definitely worthy of recognition for creating awareness for their positive influence in the way the world views energy consumption.

RUMM management solutions have become known as the industry leader in energy savings throughout various sectors. On reviewing RUMM I found some interesting case studies over the various sectors and found some impressive results worth mentioning.

Energy savings industry is of vital importance as the savings have a huge effect on the economy of the country thus impacting each one of us.



The Prince Charles Hospital (PCH) acquired the services of RUMM which proved exactly how much money can be saved in reducing energy consumption. Look at the facts:


NHS Organisation
Key points

12% electricity savings in just 8 weeks, Evaluated annual savings of £70k, Bespoke approach and Low cost methodologies

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Grand Designs Show was a great success

dblo Residential Architects London will change the way you view the world by helping you plan your dream home. They are innovative and simply brilliant at their job.

I went along to the Grand Designs London show last week with the hopes of getting some ideas on re designing our home and I was take by complete surprise by this amazing design from dblo.

They had just unveiled their new build Hertfordshire House design proposal which is a sustainable timber framed shingle clad house set in a 1/3 acre plot. This seems to have been well received and there was lots of discussion surrounding this new build.

I am so pleased I went to the Grand designs show I now have so many ideas for our home I will be contacting dblo architects for their expert advice.





Escape the city for the weekend


My wife and I decided to escape to the country side for a well deserved break and came across the   most wonderful, warm and inviting bed and breakfast Ellens Green set on a farm surrounded by  the most beautiful views.

It was exactly what we needed for a weekend getaway to escape our hectic city life. The great  thing about it was although it’s situated in the heart of the countryside it’s near enough to the local  shops and transport. The rooms were spacious, upmarket and comfortable; the hosts were  friendly and welcoming and breakfast was such a treat.

We will be making bed and breakfast Bucks Green our weekend getaway every couple of months.

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Tango Lessons in Cambridge

"I dance Tango, I teach Tango, I organise Tango, I write about Tango, I DJ… I really love it..."  is what Melina Sedo had to say when John chatted to her .... after an exciting completely sold out weekend of workshops with Detlef and Melina in April.

Foto 6

Read what Melina has to say about being a dancer in response to Johns question as follows "I have heard you say that you don’t consider yourself to be a “dancer”.  This might be surprising for the people that took your workshops or who watched the demo on Saturday night". 

"First and foremost let me thank you for organizing such a great event. It is always a pleasure to come to a new place and I think we managed to connect nicely to the local dancers. I know that our concepts cannot speak to everyone, but the Cambridge Tangueros worked very intensively during the classes. I hope that they appreciated our ideas.

As for being a dancer….

Well, “A DANCER” is such a huge word. Actually I am a little bit intimidated by it.

I have been dancing all my life: classical dance, modern dance, ballroom dances, Rock’n Roll, Flamenco… but I was never trained as a professional dancer and I never aspired to do so. Well, for a short period as a teen maybe. But then I noticed, that I was neither talented, nor dedicated enough to become a professional. To do so, you have to work very hard and give up everything else. I had and still have got so many other interests… I could never have given them up, to work all day on my pointe (or now boleo) technique. A dancer has to strive for perfection in his/her dance – I never had the time or aspiration to do that. In Tango, I try to apply our principles of communication and movement as good as possible, but when I dance, my biggest attention goes to the connection to the partner, the embrace and to the music. Being elegant, perfect or virtuous come in second for me.

So, A DANCER for me is someone who had a professional training as a dancer and – there comes my next argument – spends most of his time, dancing, practicing, performing…"

Click here for information about Argentine Tango in Cambridge and Tango Lessons in Cambridge


Don’t put off the inevitable

Having lost several members of our family over the past few years got me thinking about my future and how I can save my loved ones the agony of having to deal with their grief as well as plan for my funeral. I want to be remembered the way I live and have the farewell that would suit me. I don’t want to leave my family with the financial burden of organising my funeral.What are funeral plans

I researched some of the well – known UK funeral directors and their Prepaid funerals offerings. I found that Lodge Brothers are the most reputable and have several flexible prepaid funeral options making planning for my funeral effortless.

I am secure about Lodge Brothers acting in my best interest as the money paid into the fund is held in a secure Trust ensuring 2 crucial things:

  1. The cost stays the same once it’s been paid ensuring there are NO fees later as a result of added costs or inflation. This saves your family money in the end.
  2. Your funds are securely held ready to be paid over to the funeral directors when the time comes.

Squibbs of London

Summer is almost here which is usually a great time to paint or decorate your home, bring a new look to your home in time for the holidays and guests who are coming to stay. Give your home a makeover after the very long, cold winter.

What better company to choose than Squibbs of London who have over 20 years experience in this field providing a professional and affordable service. Their long standing experience puts them at the top of the game, making them number one in Property Refurbishments London. 

Don’t delay, give Squibbs of London a call today click on Painters and decorators London for same day response and highest quality workmanship.