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Don’t put off the inevitable

Having lost several members of our family over the past few years got me thinking about my future and how I can save my loved ones the agony of having to deal with their grief as well as plan for my funeral. I want to be remembered the way I live and have the farewell that would suit me. I don’t want to leave my family with the financial burden of organising my funeral.What are funeral plans

I researched some of the well – known UK funeral directors and their Prepaid funerals offerings. I found that Lodge Brothers are the most reputable and have several flexible prepaid funeral options making planning for my funeral effortless.

I am secure about Lodge Brothers acting in my best interest as the money paid into the fund is held in a secure Trust ensuring 2 crucial things:

  1. The cost stays the same once it’s been paid ensuring there are NO fees later as a result of added costs or inflation. This saves your family money in the end.
  2. Your funds are securely held ready to be paid over to the funeral directors when the time comes.
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