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We all want to feel good, now you can at Buty Salon London


Smooth skin, great looks... the lure of soft, untouched skin has always been considered extremely attractive and much sought after. Starting with the Ancient Egyptians, the removal of body hair was an important ceremony for young women, a testament to their youth and beauty. Later on, the Greeks and Romans adopted the practice, but not only the women – the men included! For them, the practice of looking after themselves represented not only beauty, but as what separated them from ‘barbarians’ as they called other races. To the Greeks and Romans, what may be considered now as a simple beauty treatment was much, much more – evidence of a civilized citizen.

In today’s context, more and more people opt for a wax for many reasons. Why wax? Like the King of Soul, James Brown so eloquently put it, “I feel good!”. The feeling that comes from a single treatment has been described as ‘marvelous’, ‘magical’, and according to studies, imparts a sense of self confidence that lasts.

Buty Salon London is the place to visit for all these wonderful treats and spoils that make you feel great!


Buty Salon Offer A Wide Range of IPL Treatments in London

Buty Salon have a wide range of IPL London treatments. Say good by to unwanted hair for good! Feet & Toes, Hands & fingers, between eye brows, forehead, jaw line, navel, around nipples, ears, belly.

Specialist IPL treatment London for chest area (permanent reduction in hair growth). Specialist IPL treatment for the lips area (permanent reduction in hair growth).

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